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Test Code ENTP Enteric Pathogens PCR, Stool

Biohazard Infectious

Additional Codes

Ordering Mnemonic


Performing Laboratory

Holland Hospital Laboratory Services

Specimen Requirements

Submit  the following specimen:



Container: Cary-blair medium

Specimen Volume: fill to line on container




Specimen Transport Temperature

Refrigerate up to 48 hrs

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Available STAT for Emergency Room and Inpatients

Available Routine for Outpatients

Test Classification and CPT Coding

87506 x 1


NAAT Methodology          Targets:
Campylobacter PCR Reportable Disease
Salmonella PCR Reportable Disease
Shigella PCR Reportable Disease
Yersinia enterocolitica PCR Reportable Disease
Shiga Toxin 1 PCR Reportable Disease
Shiga Toxin 2 PCR Reportable Disease
Vibrio PCR Reportable Disease
Rotavirus PCR  
Norovirus PCR  













Reference Values

Not Detected

Critical value (automatic call-back): Shiga Toxin 1 PCR: Detected or Shiga Toxin 2 PCR: Detected